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The philosophy doesn't sit - he doesn't live quoquo modo this life, according to the common rules, hoping in an eternal life in God, but he want him free life of him own way - the life of Knowledge. (Carlo Michelstaedter)

Alessandro Puzielli

CSP S.p.A.
Milano, MI Italia
software engineer, Java developer

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About me

I'm interest in engineering, computer science, sciences, arts, history, philosophy, literature, economy, politics, Asia and, recently, numismatics. What else?


I work as software engineer and analyst programmer: too I survey the Lean Software Development I'm concentrating on:

  • automatization of the recurring activities during the software lifecycle;
  • design pattern;
  • modelization of business process;



I like to reading: I use the paperback, not e-books.
Generally I read essays about history or economy: sometimes I read too novels or short stories of writers from Continental Europe (from Russia to France). Until now, in my Anobii bookcase, I had review some books.



Recently I began to interest in numismatics: in my opinion it is a cross point of history, arts and economy. Until now I don't have decided a theme of collection: in this moment I read and I study the general notions.